monomaniac unthroned
agent untapped
egomaniac unwrapped
like an unwrapped snowman
like a snowman after it's melted
where's a snowman when he's melted?
is the virtual snowman still there, invisible?
the ghost of a snowman?
these are the ghosts of last year's snowmen
these rains are the ghosts of last year's snowmen
snowman zombies rise up when the snows return
they rise up from the very spot where they died
they rise up and take revenge on the very first thing they see

in the case of Dicky's snowman, he waited in ambush. For Dicky, that delinquent,
knocked the head off his snowman with a sudden attack.

Playing, and then he suddenly turned on his snowman, knocked his block off and
kicked him down. His snowman reincarnated only up to the trunk, and, headless,
the cold zombie stalked Dicky through field and fen. From the forest to the lea, the
endless crunch of slow, slow chases in the snow. That is, the crunch of Dicky's
staggering, the increasingly irregular crunch and cry from the stumbling boy as the
zombie snowman, on a laminary layer of crystals, slides silently, inexorably, toward him.