Saliva Henderson
There she stood
Arms folded, glaring
Across at the Texans

Saliva Henderson's Last Stand
The newest Western from famed oater scribe
Wandering John Tillson

Course Wandering John didn't only write oaters. Two-fisted war, crime
and boxing stories. Stories about men, sometimes down by the docks,
sometimes climbing mountains, sometimes fighting Nazis, on ships, in
the desert, in noir 40's LA. And women -- oh, the women! Flame-haired
busty two-legged forked-tongued mamas who could fight and fuck along
with the best of them. Although the fucking was never directly
depicted. Actual sex was the one thing missing from Wandering John's
books. The one thing wanting, or...maybe not. After all, sex being such
a nest of snakes, it was a simpler world where sex amounted to dangling
the girl over a volcano before pulling her up to safety. And maybe
getting a kiss or something, you know. Pull the curtain.

The men Wandering John's books appealed to were boys, small & large.
And boys did not like girls. Girls were icky and had cooties. Better to
run around, shooting, leaping for the airplane. Better the explosions
and hairsbreadth scapes than getting all cootilized in some broad's
thatch! So went the reasoning for Wandering John and his millions of