down the gullet of the gods
the skillet and your gullet

skeletons of angry old thought

pictures of aryan children
Ayn Rand and the Aryan children
Ayn Rand's a fuckin NAZI!
Boring old selfish bitch

downspout politics
gushing into the rainbarrel
rainbarrel economics
rolling pork barrels down to the sty

a huge bone tattoo

skeletons with feather boas
skeletons & bone boas
skeletons for the bone boys

the bigfoot codebooks
the bigfoot hurricane
they say hurricanes don't really exist
I'm here to tell you...they do!

with the soul of a star strung poet
stars humming like guitars
humming like the struck strings of guitars
like heartstrung guitars
starflung children

tiny DJ
in my mind
in my starhaunted mind
universal DJ
spinning stars
spinning blackhole vinyl
in my starcrossed mind