teak, like slime, leaks like time
time's got a leak it seems
it hisses out like a punctured pipe
"like shining from shook foil"
sleek, it leaks
like time, it leaks
the teak decks of time
the sleekship of time
just a little leaky, that
time, she leaks
she leaks teak
teak splinters like tears
raining down on the floor of things
when time passes overhead
when time cruises overhead
sails billowing, running before the wind
running before the solar wind
wing and wing

wing and wing in the light cone of the gun
the light gone of the sun
light airs in the solar wind
luffing up in the solar wind
the vapors in the solar wind
crack an ammonia phial under her nose
underneath Philomena's nose
an ammonia vial is broken
Philomena recovers from the vapors
And just in time
We're reaching the edge of the light cone now
There's catspaws on the wind near the light cone's edge
There's eddies by the edge, 'tis strange
And yesterday comes round again
A whirlpool once more

Ah, this is an embryonic spirit
A bit of history pinches off, eddies
Round the light cone's edge
Steps outside, never done that before,
Let there be not-light!
Let there be nightlights!
Poor little spirit, trembles
Trembling in an eddy, we'll name him Ed
Ed the new entity, formerly just a timeline snag
Now an independent divagation from the norm
We've all begun thus, my children

Time slimes up, and up
Time slimes up, and up and up
Around the point of entry
Slimes all up around the point of entry
Slimes up the shape of a man
Hello, that's me!