the laundrycrats

human units

the reprocrats
the reciprocats

pussy response
pussycat response
human pussycat response

glamour on the lam
lama on the lam. the glamour lama, high lama, the glamourous dalai lama on
the lam. worked out pretty well for him, that Chinese invasion!

bible accounts. by all accounts, the bible bionic.

the ballad of the cream berets
the scream berets
the green barrettes

afraid of the maelstrom this year

They're out with the sun blowers. Up and down the street this morning. You
should see the golden morning sun piling up in drifts along the curbs. And in
the street itself? Black as night.

by all accounts they intended to make the bible bionic, but lacked funds and
parts. it would open up with a ch-ch-ch-CH-CH-CH and close with a wa-wa-wa-WA-WA-WA,
and when somebody sinned, the sound of steel being bent and when somebody did a good
deed or an angel got his wings, the sound of a bionic jump from a great height.

the sound of steel wings
the sound of bionic wings
bionic hardons and Jaime bends the rapist's cock with her bionic labia. They
didn't mention that part. She lost both legs, after all -- turns out they had
to put in a new vagina as well. The girl with the bionic cunt! She's got one
helluva future ahead of her, I can tell you...

johnny and her bionic labs

madeleine occurred

out with the sun balladeers
the sun mouseketeers
the sunketeeters