Helmsman overwhelmed
the indian ocean
the redskin ocean
redskin overwhelmed
redskin hamstrung

taylor overwhelmed
space traveler & the apes

taylor overslimed
ape poltergeists
the planet of the ghostbusters

in my heart of hearts i think what the fuck! wasn't the world supposed
to just sort of bend to our will? curl down to our feet at the
slightest whim? this is how it seemed in high school...so happy were we
to be done with it, we commenced to celebrating and in the rush of
goodtimes i think we thought it'd be all fame and glory from here on
out. in our heart of hearts. oh, we'd seen all the cautionary tales,
the summonses to mediocrity and so forth, but we had big plans in mind,
riding on richness yachts and cheating on aeroplanes and long plush
cars with silky actresses so easy to seduce!

imagine the migraine
imagine the umgrella
an umbrella for the migraine
an umbrella for vascular tension
a defibrillator umbrella
what if you have a heart attack in the rain!

it's a summons to rhinoplasty
get the pocket defibrillator
suddenly, tsunami!
you're swept overboard of life!
surf life, tsunami style
rhinoplasty tsunami style!
Love tsunami style
gimme my tsunamiplasty, baby
all the best women in the city
have their tidal wave done.