Traveling by rocket sled to the fourth dimension. On microwave jets to
the heart of the galaxy. Traveling via erect nipple to the third
dimension. Using the motive power of the movie projector to achieve
invisibility. People who are projected have certain powers that others
don't understand. Millie Smits remembers the first moment she was
projected. She was in her apartment at the time, and actually felt the
time dilatation, the elongation of the duplication, of the duplication
of her image into many thousands of images stimulaneously stimulating a
million retinae. She was living in millions of retinae at once,
occupying many thousands of brains simultaneously in darkened
moviehouses and mini-malls across the globe in the evening. She felt a
mounting thrill which threatened to split her into several people.
Luckily, the critics came and deconstructed her performance, dispersing
its awful power. Millie Smits heeded the closecall and became an
in-betweener for religious cartoons.