The solar system's gone to hell.

Earth is a preserve. No landings allowed.
Mars is infested with snakes.
Mercury belongs to the Willendorf sisters.
Venus is an acid farm manned only by robots.
The asteroid belts bristle with renegade jesuses & hermits
Jupiter is the only cool place, with its dancehall moons and L5
Saturn's a gunnery range
Uranus for the cloud farmers
Neptune is a cold and lonely prison.
Pluto was annexed by aliens and nobody's bothered to take the time to
drive them out. Who gives a shit about Pluto, anyway? Johnson McGee, that's
who -- the one man on Earth who takes the time and spends the money to evict
the aliens from Pluto. Hence the renaming.

Pluto's polluted
Pluto's all polluted

The quasars are out of control
And oh, the quasars are out of control

Stutter and control
Stutter all polluted