polarized sunsplare. Sunsblare. Sunblate. Sumblate. Sunplate.
A plate in the head of the sun. polarized wheels. Polarized planet.
Where's the east pole and the west pole?

Janso answer. Polar mill horizon. Early bear covers the worm, covets
the eskimo hunter, eskimo skid mark on the white underwear ice.
The early eskimo covers the warm. The early bird gets the warm
approval of all his comrades.

The early word gets the
The early word captures the

For thine is
the kingdom and the power and the center of the wedgie
the glory and the early and the moonlinch risin'
and the moon sets on the 'rizon
and the path and the target and the train
inperfect, impercibtible, inplicit

Early Bear Worms The Bird -- Film At 11

Sarah Appleton, rich in vitamin see
An Appleton a day keeps the doctor away

An apple a day keeps the dogturd away

Red Edwards, redwards, rewards the red skelton singers for their fine
sinnin and pickin. They picked the banjo while committing sins, kissing
sisters and lusting in their hearts and kissing roosters and busking in
their hearts.

The plasma of its debut, kicking in their hearts
Their hearts still kicking, still firing, all cylinders, four-cylinder hearts,
the plugs are connected, clacking and clicking, snapping