lapsed, as collapsing ducks
as catholic ducks on a collapsing bank
in the mud of spring
a bark from the collapsing goose

it must be getting white
it must be getting wife

living on nucleus lake
it must be getting white in here

the muscular sick
andrea overload

leased, as disgusting ducks
as collapsing ducks
collapsing with laughter
shorter more hilarious quacks

the little fuzzy geese of spring
the indigenous quacks
the new doctors of spring

alabama leaselords
assemble the lasting ducks
shorter more hilarious cocks

the enormous leaselords
the enormous leaseholders
the legendary Goths

the nucleus of the collapsing ducks
the flew and the land disappeared beneath them
tuckered, they stop flapping and fall
the tuckered ducks fall forever

the warm nuclei of a collapsing lake
sister nucleus & the collapsing ducks
husband updates
from the trappist monks

underneath a tunnel silhouetted
leased from the trappist monks

Kelly Coelacanth
secret coelacanths
jacking my device with their wetneedles;
the warm nuclei of collapsing time