"Hey, wait, he's too animated. You made him too animated. You're going to
have to tone him down. Didn't you run Blue Dahlia through there?"
     "Duh! Obviously! Thing's based on that. The main algorithm is Blue
Dahlia, Laura, The Big Sleep, To Have And Have Not
, couple of others."
     "No Maltese Falcon?"
     "Too talky."
     "Why'd you go with Laddie, anyway?"
     "I thought he'd be easier. Start small, you know."
     "I was thinking of making Cesar Romero the bad guy."
     "That's an odd choice."
     "Not so odd. And I kinda wanted the love interest to be Betty
     "That's gonna be a little tough."
     "She's so cute, though."
     "Look, this is Noir 2.0, isn't it? Won't the output get all garbled
if you run Betty through it?"
     "I mixed her up with Jayne Meadows from Song of the Thin Man, and
Ann Sheridan from They Drive By Night. And, you know, your basic Veronica
Lake and Lauren Bacall algorithms. It oughta work out alright."
     "Yeah, but...it'll be unnatural, won't it?"
     "Maybe. Just gotta generate it and see."
     "You gonna give her a song to sing?"
     "In a fuckin film noir?"
     "Give it a try, see what happens. Musical noir, invent a whole new
genre. Maybe you can win an Oscar."
     "An Oscar! Big fuckin' deal! Christ!"
     "Relax, I was just jokin around."