Semolina came to the party wearing a nanobot dress. It was an
unbelievably lovely thing, lovely and alive.
     Unfortunately, she didn't count on hackers. And didn't have on
underwear. Fabric or nano. No underwear of any kind. Only tanlines.
Which fact was soon revealed to the other partygoers.
     The hacker, Brill Jones, threw up his arms in triumph. He was in
the other room, visible from the room where Semolina had been encamped,
twirling in the approval of a circle of admirers. Brill, not a fan of
nanodresses, and conversely, a big fan of nudity, saw his work cut out
for him. His duty was clear. It took roughly 80 seconds to perform. The
code had been done, big surprise, by a dude in Finland. Adapted (or so
maintained the comments, which Brill looked at later) from a fashion
terrorista's code once deployed at a show in Milan. At home, Brill
scanned for pixels from that glorious event, and was not disappointed.
     How come he hadn't ever heard of it? Good question. Normally
Brilly followed Slashdot, and the nerds didn't approve of nudity or
sexuality in any form except repressed. The Milan story was on PLATO,
the only network which carried stories of sexually-related activism.
     Anyway, Brill held up his fists in triumph, claiming
responsibility on the spot. While meanwhile, Semolina, not covering up,
just seething, grabbed a nearby golf club and wound up to take a swing.
Brill ducked, and she took a divot out of the wall. Pixels of a naked
Semolina Pilchard swinging a golf club with a teeth-bared look of frenzy
were featured prominently in the "unofficial" yearbook circulated at the
end of the year.
     And now back to our story.