noumenal Nadine
the sleepy policewomen
slap the police
slim the policewomen

policewoman in panties
slim longassed Kim
slip the policewoman a long forgive
my trespasses, and my DUIs

there's a 502 in my 501s
my cock is drunken driving again
one-Adam-69 for Eve
Eve Noxema the Policewoman

the policewoman retires to Oregon
bornagain in Oregon
rainagain in Oregain

digital flavor
digital violence flavor
tastes like a car crash on TV
tastes like aliens exploding in space

she kisses like aliens exploding in space
she kisses like starships crashing in space

sleepy lesions
sleepy legions of peace
starcrossed policewomen
policewomen asleep
asleep, half-in the cuffs
asleep, handcuffed together
to keep me with her til morning
oops! she wakes up handcuffed to only an arm!
not so cute in the light of day
but one hell of a collection of arms
in lucite blocks downstairs