Morlock luck, martian luck, morlock martian caves, surfing in the caves
of Valles Marineris. Surfing in the underground caves. surfing in the
overground caves. Surfing with the cave fish, blind with a white board.

Mnartian caves of business. Martian arts. Business logic. Business
space exploration. Business exploration. A probe in the board room,
searching for signs of intelligent life. searching the faces with a
long robotic arm with a camera swiveling on the end.

Devastasting visit. Swiveling visit. Visiting the swivilians devastated
by the disaster. Devestated -- their vests torn off by the tornado.

Probe the long boardroom table, searching for signs of intelligent life
among the faces. No, only sycophants. Each with secrets in his skeleton

Humans evolved as a system of concealment for our skeletons. Who'd made
some enemies among the stars. So we evolved to hide them under layers
of bone & skin. And, as an afterthought, built "civilization". But
initially as a method of skeleton concealment, to hide them from the
voracious skeleton-eating birds (who've since died out).

Seventy victims. Everyone's a victim. Everyone's a victim of everyone
else. Everyone's a victim of harmony. Everyone finds harm in harmony.
Harmony Monique. Found charm in harmony. Harm in charmony. I found
charm in money. Harmony in money. Harmoney. Money for harmony & harm.
Money for harmony & charm.