a shining world of all-night milk
novelty releasers
sunset sky and airplanes
one plate of buttered white rice is a universe of ecstasy

I want to live in worlds that don't exist
Hypothetical impossible days

I have to find ones that do exist
Find the joy in the details recombined what exists
Hence the kaleidoscopics
These recombinations
Hallucinatory hailings, the withersponn realignments, the francisco frequencies, the harmony bemoanings
The prosody beheadings, the parlor frankensteins fresh and ankletomic
The parlous baroque requilting of memory, suppression, hallucination
Where drugs leave off one resumes pure atomic will
This is my cold fusion
Fishing for my cold chimera fusion

Step from the greater magellanic wall
Consider the distant galaxy

Life is what it is, so
Rake off the confusion continuously
Press the button which pistons out the far wall and pushes everything off the edge and into orange space
Take your chair again to the center of the platform and sit down facing the sunlight warm on your closed eyes
All that remains when you empty your mind is real, the rest is theory and confusion

Bloody blimey harmony, human all too human, harmony all too human
Truly this gravitic slurry

Atmosphere relaxes
Melissa Bliss

Kaleidoscope in the distant theatre
Theater in the magellanic mill
Theater of my telescopic will
Theater of my telescopic cock
Polishing up my kaleidoscope cock

A real parlous snugglegasm
Snugly up to your chin
Snugly under your chin