Miles of blindswingers. Sweetswineswingers. Acres of blinded
sinestingers. Stingy little wilbyblades.

I've been too too sensical. Nonsense is where my joy entails.
Nonsense are the entrails of my joy. Joys vile innards.

Don't shit up the borrowed players. Don't shit up the innards
of joy. Joy up the innards of shit.

Junk up the innards of drunk. Brightwood. Lipstick sly. Brightwad
bridge. The toll at tightwad bridge. The tightward. The tightward
of Romania. The nightward of the west.

You are the womb. You are the dumb womb of words. To birth
them and exist, no more is needed.

Trip the silent swingers. Strip the silent swingers. The wilent
wingers. The wild wingers. Junkin on the jizzstick.