Liner notes of Jack Jacks, a concept album recorded by
an obscure group in 1973.

Track 1: Apocalypse
This track is one gigantic crashing chord, as in "A Day In The Life". But
also woven with shimmery synthesizers and other acoustic elements that
suggest fractally the stories which will not be told. Simply put, it is
the final Apocalypse which strips away the veneer of "civilization" and
leaves human beings dragging trowels in the dust of a post-apocalyptic

Track 2: New Nomads
Many hundreds of years later, the world peopled by the new nomads, who
move from place to place, eking out a difficult existence wherever and
however they can.

Track 3: Jack
One of these nomads, a young man called Jack Jacks, sleeping under the
stars, feels instinctively that man was once the custodian of greater things.
With his keen eyesight (indeed, the keenest of his people), he notices a
shooting star which doesn't burn out, but silently plies its course
through the stars. His imagination is fired, and he sets out on a quest
to locate the keepers of the Flying Star.

Track 4: Jubal The Chaotician
Jack hears on his travels of the charismatic Jubal Smithereens, a
"Chaotician", who's at the head of a movement now in vogue in the few
civilized places. Jubal has taken credit for the anarchy under which
human beings live, claiming it to be part of a divine master plan. He and
his many slavish followers live in the towers of Chromium City.

Track 5: The Road To Chromium City
Jack makes his way through the wastelands and the red deserts to the
borders of Vanadium, to find the road to Chromium City. Along the way he
eludes bands of Seekers, grubby bandits who prey upon the travellers on
this road. But his ingenuity carries him only so far, as he is captured
by agents of the Chaotician and thrown into prison.

Track 6: Jack's Lament
In prison, Jack laments his sad fortune. Finally, he's roused from his
miserations by burly soldiers, and taken to a private audience with Jubal

Track 7: Jubal's Crucible
Jubal explains the theory of the Crucible to Jack — how the world and
its anarchy are a crucible to produce the strong and bright. And he lets
Jack in on a little secret: the secret of eternal power. The remaining
scientists have devised the aether pump which draws clean, endless power
directly out of the subatomic thin air. Indeed, aether pumps power the
towers of Chromium City. Since Jubal feels that Jack is one of the strong
and bright, he offers him a place in the regime. Jack is tempted, but at
the last moment, spurns Jubal's offer.

Track 8: Sunset Flight
Stealing an aether pump, Jack escapes from the chamber, and eludes the
guards as he climbs higher and higher up the towers of Chromium City.
With a pair of Gliders, he sets out on a harrowing chase across the
dizzying heights of the city — from building to building, from bridges
to parapets, miles above the distant ground. Reaching the Energy Shield,
Jack clears it in one tremendous leap, and glides away from the city as
the police curse him impotently.

Track 9: Preparations For War
Having brought the secret of the aether pump to the denizens of the
outland, Jack now sets himself on the task of training an army to resist
the imminent invasion of the destroying forces of the Chaotician.
Meanwhile, the Chaotician rolls out his own preparations, sharpens his
knives, and prepares his crack shock troops.

Track 10: Apocalypse, Part 2
The ragtag soldiers of Jack's army stand on the plain, as the
Chaotician's huge war machines march, fly and rumble toward them.
Suddenly a spaceship — the very Flying Star which inspired Jack on his
quest all those months ago — lands in the battlefield, containing aliens
with a message of peace. The opposing armies see the error of their ways,
and mix congenially. Together, they sing and dance along with the aliens
to fanfares and cymbal bursts.