Seed the changes with your morning light. Heavily salted with morning
light. Heavily salted to mineral sunbeams of an almost igneous nature.
Igneous and ignominious rock, rocking in the world below the igneous
sunbeams. Cracking rocks in the world stumbling below. Poor lava just
wants to join the party, loves our media and our entertainments.

Random cilia entertainments. Ransom Stoddard entertainments.
Random dopamine entertainments.
Random dopamine apartments.
Stumble in naked, for whatever activity is provided.

Shiver in intelligentsia
Sargent Shriver in Intelligentsia
The floating island of 1957
President Adlai Stevenson
And the other nuclear nurvous
Unfortunately the soviets used it for target practice
That's how that egghead died
Along with the other far right reactionaries
This is what allowed the beatles to enter the US

Blue van group
Blue van crue
Blue van Croup
Jan Van Croup
Fucker coughing in the hash bar all night
Take some morphine you consumptive fuck!