cheerleaders in handcuffs

bog in a humbug bender
bog on a humbug bender, sitting forlorn in the snow with his legs out,
like a child just fell down skating

swinging by the way, opening clover on a holder, opening closer on a
ride to neverregret land, never regret where you land, or the people
with whom you land, or the people on the elevator with you or the spy
cameras they secrete about your apartment. Look, if you're open with
yourself then it doesn't matter if they're spying on you! What have you
got to hide!

The elevator of neverregret
Elevator brainwash
Jody on a humble bender

The opening brainwash, that's the first thing they do, you know --
babies can have their heads flushed in the same way they can swim
underwater and not drown. This one hospital uses Red Bull -- you'd be
surprised how smart those kids come out. They are the new intellectual
elite. Today's mediocre elite need replacing, to be sure. Excoriate the
mediocre elites!

The hemiocraty delete. The hematocrit relate.

So you know we already got brainwashed, when we weren't lookin. It was
the bathwater in which we washed. The baby, the bathwater, all is
brainwash. We didn't realize we were a frog in a pan until we were
burned to a crisp. And now the good news: we control the heat.

This is your birthright, when you reach your majority. You control the
horizontal, you control the vertical. You control your brainwashing,
once they've brainwashed us defenseless mewling pukers our basic
survival skills. Then puke your brainwashing, senator.

Carbonkle. Carbuncle. Carbolic knowledge. Carbuncle knowledge. Crisp
cockle carbuncle. Crisp cockle debacle.

If I were a bong, you know where the bowl would be, and where the carb
would be. We're just a bong smoked by god. Men. Smoked by Mme. God. I
can feel the red hot cherry and can feel her pull the smoke up my head.
And yes, she's got her thumb on the carb my anus.

Just a human bong of the gods.

In the amazon forest. Human in the amazon. Lying on the humus in the
amazon, the thousands of years of continuous humus from the canopy god, the vermin who slither and creep through that leaf
litter, I can't even imagine.

Anything nonsensical has a sensifying component heretofore unknown
There is nothing nonsensical in the world
Just x's we cannot yet determine
If you can only solve for x

That's what I'm after. I'm a spiritual mathematician.