The secrets of snark. Snark from its secret plazas.
Snark from its secret plants.
Snark from its secret pinatas

Our favorite archaeology
Hose vacation
Our favorite truth
Truncated religion

I'm devoid of conversion

Oval blue milers
Joggers of the ancient lake
We wish to welcome you to
Manikin land

Rose-textured aquarium
Rose-colored terrarium
Dawn, the color of flesh
The color of freckled flesh

Once inside, the web of flesh closed
Once inside, the web of flesh closes

Slowly masturbating puberty
Burt Puberty relents
Purblind puberty w/vaseline
My god how good it feels
Instantly relieved
On love of freckled flesh
Instantly ejected
on a vision of her freckled flesh

Fred Exit
Freckled exits
Tickling the freckled exits
All that is freckled exists!
Nothing that does not exist is freckled!