Drops in a blustery dusk, the devoid cold grass, the park devoid of
people in the icy wind. The park empty in the cold drop wind. Cold
drups flung out of a leaden miasma, the air itself rumples and snaps.
In the cold drop dusk. Drops on glasses -- best run for cover. And a
raggedy orange cat skulks away in the gloom. These parking lot cats are
Jack's relations. He got lucky in a house, they must make do with soft
hidieholes & dumpster victuals.

Ice cubes in the wind, ice cubes in the park, a guy in shorts issues
from a VW Bus to the cold stone bench. Dog runners, dog bark echoes
slack in the slap back distance. Soft dogbark echoes in the muffled
park. Traffic trembles and sighs, lights muffled by the cold wind.

Carol Cuntslick's luck. Carol with the cold eyes. The Donald's wet
sucker-like lips. The Donald lumbered with The Best. King of all
Surfaces. King of Money. The Donald before God. Negotiating with God
for ownership of half the universe. He dreams of negotiating for the
heavens. He would renovate the Heavens. Make the starlight more
efficient. Outsource the wind & the rain, hire demons for scale to work
the skies.

Ready willing & angel. Ready willing & angry. Angry & insecure red.
Waterburner brunettes. Central eclipselick stack. Reading books on
psychic investigations. Reading books that describe the afterlife in

Writing books in words that don't exist. To describe emotions never
described before. That tangelation you feel. The wellskin thrill. A
real oilcan jerryjack. I was entirly flitlixed I can tell you!