Carlos was a Counterevolutionary. He felt humanity'd gone too far and
he intended to breed traits back to earlier more primitive forms in his
progeny. Ultimately he hoped his great-great-great-great-grandchildren
could be well on the way back to Neandertalism, though he realized with
their diminished brain capacity they might not appreciate his plan or
his farsightedness and abandon the Movement altogether.

As a member of the Counterevolutionary junta, Carlos was resigned to a
life in the jungle, hiding from the well-armed and thoroughly drilled
Evolution troops. From there he and his comrades would strike out, in
the dead of night, adding vestigal tails and extra ribs to sleeping
humans whom they chloroformed in their beds. Carlos himself had
installed webbing on the hands and feet of one old apparatchik --
arguably only a symbolic gesture, as the old man was well past child-
fathering age, but Carlos was a true believer.

It was, ironically, the the webbed-digits issue which led to Carlos's
ouster. The issue came up in council, and the junta accused Carlos of
clinging to the Aqueous theory of human evolution (proposed
independently by Alister Hardy and Max Westenhöfer, and popularized by
Elaine Morgan in her book THE AQUATIC APE: A Theory Of Human Evolution
and since thoroughly debunked) -- Carlos argued he'd never heard of
these people, but the junta in its infinite wisdom decided it smacked
of Evolutionary espionage and sentenced him to have wisdom teeth