Stardate 3187.7
Spock is really pissing me off. He stands there, looking at me, oh so
"emotionless", but you can tell...his human side...and he raises his
eyebrow or narrows his eyes, and I can see he's mocking me. And
everybody else knows it too, and he knows they know it. He's such a
prick sometimes.

Stardate 3187.9
Heh, forget it. We sat down and totally had a talk about it. He had
something else on his mind, he wasn't dissing me at all. We wound up
having a pretty good meal -- I had a chicken sandwich and coffee and he
had plomeek soup. We drank out of those funny silver cups, space
styrofoam. I gotta talk to the quartermaster about those, they just
don't look futuristic enough.

Stardate 3198.4
Cmdr Kor is really pissing me off! We told him to stay the hell away
from this planet, but he wouldn't do it -- he's like totally
victimizing them. And they're so fuggin stupid, they just take it! They
don't even care! He disruptered another hundred and they didn't even do
anything! They could've just yanked it out of his hand and blew him
away! I don't get it, man...

Stardate 3201.1
Update on that: Well, I get it now! HA HA! And fuggin Sulu's hands are
still burning from when they made every panel red hot! Sulu, man...I
think that guy's gay. I've seen the way he looks at Chekhov. That round
scope in between them, that's not the Astrogator's module at all, it's
my fuggin gaydar, baby!