pregnant space delivered up a wet and greasy earth, which spun off with
its other pups round the nearest light source and called that mother. the
nearest source of light and heat. huddled around the warm star to ward
off the cold of space.

the huddled masses? these planets! these planets trekked through space
until they found just the right star. cold, hungry, tired, they gathered around,
divvied up their orbits, and took their places. they followed a kind of Oregon
trail in the sky but if it were to have a name it'd be called the Obregon Trail
or the Aldebaran Trail.

spaceplane on the Aldebaran trail. trailing after the planets, a bunch of
babbling little brown guys. the general condition of the ship indicates that
they are not the ones who built and fly it. There's shit everywhere, for one
thing. Except around the circular compartment whence materializes the food
in a blue-purple glow, at regular intervals.