Agent Ouija of Quasar City. The streets are pearly gamma rays and the buildings
are all of neutronium. The buildings are built of iron depleted in the cores of
several burning suns before harvesting -- it's the hardest known thing in the
universe. There is not one thing that can pierce these buildings, and their
walls only a half-inch thick. Secure, but not lightweight: each building weighs
as much as several thousand earth-sized planets. Good thing they're built not
on land, but on the rays of the sea.

Will Agent Ouija solve a crime for you? Yes/no. He's fairly inscrutable. they
say he's animated by strange energies. even stranger than the ones you normally
find inhabiting a strange quasar in the night. out here at the edge of the
galaxy, at 3 a.m., you find some pretty unusual things. And for god's sake,
don't look over the edge! (I mean, you can if you want, but it's considered
very rude.)

This is why it was so strange when something did pierce a building and vent all
its occupants out to sea. in a single whoosh of atmosphere, the neutrons went
missing forever. some say they fell into the black hole that circled the white
edge of the quasar, the fountains of reality, quasars on the edge of the
universe shooting reality in at us like sprinklers on a summer lawn, like
sprinklers on a springtime lawn. Shooting reality into us. Shooing reality into
us, like quasars on a springtime lawn. Quasars on a summer lawn and the kids
leap through the quasars, then at night we watch our "Quas-arrr..."
( *dum-dum-dum-DUMMM!*) "...from Motorola..."